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Caring about your Safety, Independence & Mobility


My name is Sarah Timleck and I am an independent registered Occupational Therapist proudly working with clients in the Regional Municipality of Durham and surrounding areas.


Dealing with an injury, illness, disability or simply facing the challenges of aging can significantly impact your daily activities.


Together we can take steps to improving your mobility and quality of life.



What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a client centered practice based on assessment and interventions to develop, recover or maintain activities of daily living. Occupational therapists work with clients with a variety of physical, psychological and cognitive conditions within their homes, communities, schools and workplaces. Occupational therapy is focused on client specific goals related to maintaining or improving; independence, safety, mobility and function while eliminating environmental barriers.

Occupational Therapy Practices

I offer a variety of customized services with an emphasis on improving your mobility, safety and function within your daily life.



Get in Touch


New clients are always welcomed! I am happy to answer any of your questions or discuss booking an appointment.


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